The Wings of a Great Eagle

THOUGHT is as infinite as Mind itself, and its characteristics are boundless. From its pure source, the divine intelligence, or God, it emanates as the likeness of infinity, for it is variety itself. Another way of expressing this likeness of infinity is of course to call it the image and likeness of Spirit, so that it is spiritual man. It follows that to man belongs a nature and characteristics so varied that it requires eternity to unfold them.

The significance of thought and its predominance in real life plainly permeates the Bible, where many of its qualities are delineated in figurative language that is of the utmost incisiveness in its appeal to the discernment of him who studies it. To grasp the metaphysical meaning of the figures used by the writers enhances spiritual understanding. Mary Baker Eddy in her chapter on Genesis in ''Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures'' has shown the deep scientific import of that chapter. Quoting the verses telling of the fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven, and of the great whales and again of the winged fowl she writes on page 511, ''The fowls, which fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven, correspond to aspirations soaring beyond and above corporeality to the understanding of the incorporeal and divine Principle, Love;'' and on page 514 she says, ''In the figurative transmission from the divine thought to the human, diligence, promptness, and perseverance are likened to 'the cattle upon a thousand hills.'"

January 28, 1922

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