Supply Made Manifest

The law of supply is stated in Jesus' words: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." It is the law of compensation, the inevitable consequence of Love. True substance being Spirit, God, the understanding of this reveals the spiritual idea as a complete expression or manifestation of Principle, God. Since Principle includes in itself all good, the discernment of Truth leads to the perception that its idea is forever conscious of unlimited good,—is the forever expression of all-inclusive Mind.

A student of Christian Science, dimly perceiving this and realizing her need to be healed of a sense of limitation, followed this line of reasoning, willing to realize abundance only as divine Love made manifest or spiritual substance expressed. Daily, hourly, she strove to reflect the love of God in every thought and act, hungering for spiritual understanding that would not be satisfied with the crusts of material reasoning, and humbly desiring to receive only that which is the result of enlarged spiritual perception. The realization came that supply is unlimited, but our own limited sense of good prevents us from receiving abundance. The larger desire for spiritual good must precede the larger expression. Receptivity and gratitude for good already received open the way for further good to be manifested. This truth was glimpsed as the student pressed steadily onward, and yet the sense of limitation was not met. The growing demands of a little family of children were persistent.

The Power and the Glory
April 24, 1920

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