Encouragement is just an ordinary, everyday word, and yet when analyzed it comprises and means a great deal. Encouragement is a positive quality and condemnation, an opposite, is a negative one, which never has accomplished, never will, and never can accomplish anything. Sometimes to gain some spiritual enlightenment one looks up definitions and is metaphysically helped thereby. Now encouragement serves to incite to action; it also supports and advances. Likewise one who encourages helps forward. The study of Christian Science means action, supporting and advancing good, and an increase in confidence is gained, therefore, which is an advancement toward the goal. Jesus was a man of action. "I must be about my Father's business," he said. Again, this study helps forward, for the simple reason that it cannot go backward, and it breaks down all barriers that would obstruct it on its journey.

In instructing, especially children, one learns how the positive quality encouragement when applied helps to bring good results, where the negative seemingly exercised will have exactly the opposite effect. Fear and lack of courage and of confidence to undertake a new task would prevent a talent from being unfolded. But one little word of encouragement given when needed will dispel these negative qualities, and with the unfoldment of the positive God-given abilities the talents will increase rightly. By working along the lines of encouragement character is being unfolded and a spiritual foundation is being laid.

"Thou hast no enemies"
April 24, 1920

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