"Thy kingdom come"

All those who are identified with Christianity pray frequently and in the churches regularly each Sunday, "Thy kingdom come." How many of these expect, in their hearts, to have this prayer practically answered, and how many of them though repeating it day after day are not convinced in their hearts that death must intervene before the prayer can come into effect. In contrast to this feeble uncertainty, how illuminating and comforting is the spiritual interpretation put on the words of this prayer by Mrs. Eddy (Science and Health, p. 16): "Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present."

Outside of Christian Science the world's general belief is that there are two creations, the present or finite universe and the future or infinite universe; correspondingly that there are two lives, the present a finite life and the future an infinite life. That is to say, that the infinite creator for some special reasons unknown to us, in addition to His infinite creation has produced also a supplementary finite or temporary universe, notwithstanding the Scriptural declaration that nothing can be added to or taken away from what God creates, since all that He creates is indestructible, unalterable, and eternal. Christian Science uncovers these palpable contradictions and declares that there is and can be but one universe or creation and one Life, and that the infinite creator could not possibly produce a finite and therefore imperfect universe to supplement His infinite and perfect creation,—surely a reasonable and logical proposition.

Bearing Witness
July 5, 1919

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