The letter of a medical critic has been duly read

Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph

The letter of a medical critic has been duly read. It is nothing unusual for advocates of materia medica to corroborate ministerial opinions. Dogmatic theology and material medicine have for over sixteen centuries gone hand in hand. The corroboration of personal opinions. is not formidable, and I will grant that the statements of Mrs. Eddy about Christian Science prove nothing to this physician; for they would prove of little avail to anyone who prefers to think as he does. The teachings of this great religious leader are available and provable to those who learn, either willingly or in extremity, that the human mind, which includes hypnotism, suggestion, or human will power, is powerless to heal or to save. To such Christian Science is demonstrable, comforting, and uplifting. It constantly offers its kindly proofs to all, but none can understand it while choosing to antagonize and misstate its Principle and practice.

Let the thoughtful reader remember that Christian Science has been before the world for over fifty years as the religion of Christ Jesus, and that his religion was an exact explanation of God's unerring laws. The Master never affiliated with or recommended the practice of material medicine, and never sought or received corroboration from medical authorities concerning disease or healing. He healed disease through spiritual understanding, and Christian Science does the same. Thousands of intelligent students find Mrs. Eddy's writings anything but "obscure and bewildering;" for thinking men and women in all walks of life are enabled to demonstrate its Principle in healing sin and sickness. Christian Scientists strive to live clean lives, radiate good cheer, and help their fellow beings.

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