On page 9 of "Pulpit and Press" Mrs. Eddy, in speaking...

The Christian Science Monitor

On page 9 of "Pulpit and Press" Mrs. Eddy, in speaking of the work done by the children for the building of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, says, "Ah, children, you are the bulwarks of freedom, the cement of society, the hope of our race!" This is, if one pauses to analyze it, a very remarkable statement.

That children are the cement of society is fairly easy to see. It is the love of children, the common interest in their future, the desire for their welfare, which constitutes home to multitudes of people, which makes family ties, which holds thought steady, like the needle to the pole, by a thousand endeared associations of tenderness and joy. That is quite familiar ground; but that children are the bulwarks of freedom is not so obvious. A clue, perhaps, may be found in Science and Health, the textbook of Christian Science, where Mrs. Eddy says on page 236: "Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right. While age is halting between two opinions or battling with false beliefs, youth makes easy and rapid strides towards Truth."

April 19, 1919

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