It is nine years since I first came to Christian Science,...

It is nine years since I first came to Christian Science, and I have had many healings, but the one for which I am most grateful occurred while we were living in Montreal three years ago. I could not sleep night or day and could not retain any food. We called for Christian Science help and a dear friend who is a practitioner stood by me faithfully. The crisis was passed, followed by jaundice. I had no doctor's diagnosis, but surmised that the first trouble was gallstones, from what I have heard others say. A serious bowel trouble manifested itself which lasted for five months, and great mental depression was a constant companion. I knew my only hope lay in Christian Science and so clung to the truth as best I could. My dear friend was patient and steadfast, never wavering, but always pointing me to God and away from material evidences.

At last, early in the first week of June, the realization came that I was healed. One day the bowel condition seemed as bad as ever and the next morning there was a perfectly normal movement. My skin assumed a natural color in less than a week, and in three weeks I had gained all I had lost in weight and was a well woman. Words fail me to express the gratitude I felt when that burden rolled away. The best of it all is that the fear was so thoroughly destroyed I can see it for what it was,—nothing. I never thought I should be grateful for a slow healing, but I learned so much in that experience that I do not regret having passed through it. Much wrong thinking was overcome and many beliefs of resentment and hatred were wiped out.

Testimony of Healing
In loving gratitude for all the blessings received since...
April 19, 1919

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