Extracts from Letters

"Since my last letter I've been through a 'hell' a thousand times worse than the hell of our old belief, and have come out of it without a scratch and with a better understanding of God and full of gratitude for the teachings of Christian Science. ... My gratitude for my faith is beyond expression, for it has sustained me in my trials."

"During the recent epidemic I was a member of the crew of a patrol boat in the United States Naval service. The station to which this boat was attached was among the first to be placed under quarantine restrictions. Fear of the disease spread to the boats attached to the station and made its presence manifest in the appearance of cases of the prevailing malady. The boat on which I was serving escaped, being the only one in the section on which not a single case was recorded. From the time that the quarantine was placed on the station until this quarantine had been lifted and I was transferred from the boat and from the district, I used my slight understanding of Christian Science to make available and availing not only to myself but also to those associated with me God's protecting power. Truly the reward has been great. Probably most noticeable of all of the results was the complete banishment of fear from the minds and hence from the conversation of all on board the boat, though only one other had any knowledge of Christian Science. After the first day or two scarcely any mention of the epidemic was made aboard the boat, though newspapers brought aboard, with the exception of The Christian Science Monitor, daily gave their detailed accounts of its spread. The proof of the ever availability of divine protection for all who seek this protection in Christian Science afforded by this demonstration brought to me such joy that I am desirous of passing the good cheer on to other in the hope that some may benefit thereby."

Confidence toward Good
April 19, 1919

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