Correcting Disappointment

Christian Science proves by words and works the unreasonableness of disappointment. It is necessary to be constantly on guard against disappointment, for otherwise this acid corrodes the good metal of human character. If the spiritual vision is maintained through the unselfing of self, no disappointment in state or church, in the home, the schoolroom, or the business office can mar or mark our health and happiness. The waters of affliction roll off the mental backs of the spiritually joyous as water rolls off a duck's back. Divine Love never disappoints. The joys of Spirit brighten the path with healing and give the light of harmony. Disappointment over the characters of our neighbors, relatives, or friends can be eliminated by following the healing methods of Jesus, who used the good qualities of character and left the rest to be worked out in God's own way. To let the divine Mind outline means to cease from disappointment. Parents of wayward children, relatives of inebriates, business men faced by failure, practitioners handling stubborn disease and sin,—what real cause have they to lose hope, when God has already fulfilled all good?

The world seeks safety in routine; ecclesiasticism in ritual, formula, tradition, and precedent; but this leads to disappointment, for the efficiency of limitation destroys the vision of Spirit. In order to prevent disappointment, healing works must follow promptly upon good words. On page 452 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy says, "Expect to heal simply by repeating the author's words, by right talking and wrong acting, and you will be disappointed."

April 19, 1919

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