Many years ago Christian Science was brought to my...

Many years ago Christian Science was brought to my attention, but I turned away from it until Love forced me to accept what was best for my spiritual growth. The understanding of Truth at that time gave me a new outlook on life, and through a practitioner's explanation of the teachings of Christian Science, I began to want to live and work out life's problems scientifically. On one occasion I walked off the top landing of the stairs in our home, but was not injured. My eldest daughter had acid spilled over her arm while experimenting in the high school laboratory. It was powerful enough to leave the sleeve of her waist in tatters, but the pain was overcome in a few minutes, although the burn, extending to her hand, was noticeable for a day or two. Another daughter had a finger crushed, but no surgeon was called and no material remedy was applied, and the healing was quickly brought about through the power of divine Love.

These are but three instances of the efficacious power of Christian Science manifested in our home about the year 1909, when we began reading Christian Science literature methodically and attending the services. Since then we have been wonderfully led; two of us have had class instruction and become members of The Mother Church. Throat trouble, coughs, chicken pox, backache, neuralgia, headache, and many other ills have been overcome from time to time through the understanding and application of Christian Science, and we are more and more grateful for the blessings we enjoy through a knowledge of the ever operative divine Principle which Mrs. Eddy sacrificed and labored for, and studied to present to the world in her writings and demonstrations.—(Mrs.) Stella J. Hamlin, Oberlin, Ohio.

Testimony of Healing
For over ten years I suffered from nervousness, said to...
June 15, 1918

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