A few years ago Christian Science completely healed a...

A few years ago Christian Science completely healed a tubercular growth on my neck. This demonstration was made when beliefs of resentment, fear, and self-pity were destroyed, and I realized that in true being there are no material beliefs or believers. For years I entertained the belief that I was opposed in my search for truth in Christian Science, but with the understanding that God is the only power, freedom and harmony have surrounded me.

With freedom came supply. The day before I was to leave home for Montana, where I had accepted a position to teach, after all preparations had been made, even to the purchase of my ticket, I realized that if I followed the dictates of divine Love I could not go. I therefore telegraphed my refusal of the position. This left me with no prospects for teaching that year, as the following day most of the schools were to begin their year's work; but I shall never forget the peace which enveloped me that afternoon. It was a sufficient answer to all doubts I might have entertained as to whether I had taken the right step. The next morning I was asked to fill a vacancy in a school in my home town, and I did so with a grateful heart. This experience, though the most obvious answer to my prayer to be led aright, is only one of the many proofs I have had that who seeks to do the Father's will, will be led "beside the still waters" to the table prepared for him, even though in the presence of enemies.

Testimony of Healing
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." I never...
May 13, 1916

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