The Yorkshire Gazette contained some references...

Yorkshire Gazette

The Yorkshire Gazette contained some references to Christian Science which show that the writer has no conception of what Christian Science really does teach, and therefore the criticisms are calculated to give a false impression. It is only fair to state the truth, and we can then safely leave your readers to draw their own conclusion.

The writer makes the common mistake of coupling Christian Science with "faith-healing, nature healing, higher thought," and so on, and thus falls into the error of thinking it is the human mind which is operating on other human minds in Christian Science treatment. In making the statement that "miracles have been wrought in all ages of the world among people who looked for them and had faith in the magician or healer who professed to work them; thus they were performed not only by divine personages, etc.," it seems quite clear that our critic does not differentiate between the healing work of our Master and that of the "seven sons of one Sceva" as mentioned in Acts.

October 23, 1915

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