During an evangelistic service a few weeks ago a speaker...

Chester (Pa.) Times

During an evangelistic service a few weeks ago a speaker made some untrue, unchristian, and ungentlemanly remarks concerning the Leader of the Christian Science religion. I have waited to hear some manly protest against such unchivalrous conduct,—the maligning and holding up to ridicule of one who is not here to speak for herself, whose life needs no defense, for all who came within its loving influence know that Mrs. Eddy lived what she taught. Today there are millions of people in this and other lands who are rejoicing in their freedom from the bondage of sin, sickness, and the fear of death through this knowledge of the law of God which Mrs. Eddy found in the Bible in her greatest need. When all material means had failed, she realized, as the 103d psalm declares, that God healeth all our diseases.

So I wish to voice my sincere gratitude for that loving, courageous woman whose understanding of God has brought to me and others health, harmony, and immortality, for it was courage born of God that enabled her to stand in the face of such great odds. Her character has been assailed; she has been most bitterly persecuted, maligned, and ridiculed; all kinds of false statements have been made about her personally. But her trust was in God, and she knew as Daniel did that God was able to deliver. As the result of her godlike life and teachings the beneficent effects of Christian Science are healing the sick and the sinful; homes that were desolate and unhappy have become happy and prosperous; the hopeless and sorrowing are comforted; those without God and the Bible have been awakened to a sense of a loving heavenly Father, and in their desire to know more of Him and His law have become daily students of the Bible. Now for which of these works shall Christian Science and its Leader be stoned?

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