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Praise be to God, our all-loving, omnipotent Father, who...

Praise be to God, our all-loving, omnipotent Father, who always helps us manifestly and wonderfully out of distress, however great. It is my privilege to give my testimony of healing, and I do so with a joyful heart. At the New Year, 1913, I felt ill, and a distressing condition of the throat manifested itself, also of the face. I seemed to improve during the following week, when there was a discharge from the nose, which was diagnosed by a physician as catarrh of the frontal cavity. I followed his prescription, but the only result was dizziness and loss of appetite. I was advised to go to a specialist, who after a thorough examination stated that the upper jaw was involved. After the fourth distressing procedure, instruments being used, the bone was pierced, whereupon the physician informed me that I must immediately go to a clinic and submit to an operation. I was very much alarmed at the prospect of worse things than those I had already experienced, and refused to do this.

On my way home, while in this hopeless condition, though praying fervently to God, I met an acquaintance and told her my tale of woe. She said that I could be healed through Christian Science without having to resort to a painful operation. The afternoon of the same day found me at the home of a practitioner, who lovingly undertook to treat me, and who with untiring patience elucidated to me the subject of Christian Science, for which I am deeply grateful. In the beginning I had two very bad nights,—there was a struggle between truth and error in my consciousness,—but after that I enjoyed good sleep, and the healing went on slowly though perceptibly, until there seemed to be a standstill. I experienced a certain fear, wondering whether I was worthy of such spiritual healing; but thanks to be our all-loving Father, this fear was overcome, Truth gained the victory over the supposed evil, and I was healed in mind and body.

Testimony of Healing
From the age of twelve, I was for many years a sufferer...
December 19, 1914

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