When Christ Jesus was commissioning his disciples for their great work of healing the ills of mankind, he said, respecting the prospective difficulties which mere human wisdom could not cope with, "It shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak."

A Christian Scientist was standing recently at a subway station when a young man, carrying a suit-case and umbrella, jumped on the running board of an incoming car which was moving at a high rate of speed. Losing his balance, he was dragged a short distance by the car, and finally fell face downward upon the pavement, almost at her feet. Time was when under such circumstances she would have felt a great sense of fear and anxiety, but instantly, like a revelation, there came to her this thought, as clear and authoritative as a voice: The idea of God, for which this man stands, has not fallen, knows nothing of falling, and is not hurt. She remembered that "the real man is spiritual and eternal" (Science and Health, p. 302). So sure was she of this fact that, while others cried out and two officials ran to the man's assistance, she stood absolutely unmoved, with a smile of joy and certainty on her face.

February 22, 1913

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