In consonance with the declaration of the psalmist, "He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions," the true understanding of the Scripture must heal all manner of disease. Earnest effort is therefore incumbent upon all, that they may receive the fullest possible benefit from the study of the Book of books, and a question that each may profitably ask himself is this: "How readest thou?" Mrs. Eddy has said in Science and Health that "the Bible teaches transformation of the body by the renewal of Spirit. Take away the spiritual signification of Scripture, and that compilation can do no more for mortals than can moonbeams to melt a river of ice" (p. 241). The account of Noah and the ark, as found in chapters six to nine of Genesis, illustrates this point.

We know that among all peoples water has been a significant symbol. When clear and calm, it stands for purity, and for life eternal; when disturbed, it is the type of discordant mortal mind. The flood pictures mankind as submerged in the waters of mortal mind, and Noah's experience portrays the escape from unreality into the reality of being. Science and Health gives us the following spiritual interpretation of ark: "Science showing that the spiritual realities of all things are created by Him and exist forever" (p. 581). Noah's spiritual sense having led him to turn from sin and seek safety, he and his family went into the ark. His truer sense of being lifted him above the turbulence of error, and through faith, obedience, and spiritual understanding he was at last rescued from the discords of false belief. We remember that forty days after the rain had ceased Noah freed a dove which, finding "no rest for the sole of her foot," returned to the ark bringing no sign that the flood had abated. When sent forth the second time it returned with a single leaf; and the third time it did not return. The lesson is evident. Our grasp of spiritual verity sometimes dawns slowly. When Mrs. Eddy first projected Christian Science into the world there was not one to welcome it. Then, by reason of the wonderful healings which she accomplished, her hope and faith found its "olive leaf," and finally, as we see today, Christian Science has gone forth into all the world.

June 15, 1912

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