It is with great pleasure that I am able to give thanks...

It is with great pleasure that I am able to give thanks for healing in Christian Science. In January, 1911, while hastening to catch a car, my foot caught in a frozen rut in a country road. Being in haste, for the car passed only once an hour, and not aware that my foot was caught, I must have given it a wrench, as I found difficulty in walking. It seemed imperative for me to reach the car in order to keep an appointment in town; therefore I declared the truth, and in spite of what had occurred, I was in time to take my place. The pain was distinct for a few minutes, then it faded from consciousness. On reaching Fitchburg, I had to walk several blocks before arriving at home, and did so without much discomfort or limping. Presently, however, I found that I could not put my heel to the ground. I therefore telephoned to a practitioner in Boston, and in a very short period all pain left me. There was no swelling or inflammation and I slept well that night.

Next day, except that I could not put my heel to the ground, there was no trouble. It occurred to me that it might be a good case for medical corroboration. I asked a friendly physician to come and diagnose the case. She came, and said that a small but very important muscle had been torn away; that with most women she would prescribe a plaster cast, but that as I was a Scientist, she supposed I could keep still long enough for the healing to take place without it. She seemed surprised that there was no swelling, no inflammation, no blackness, saying that there would be a good deal later, "with most people." She was also surprised to see that I could walk about on my toe without trouble, and advised me not to do so. She was exceedingly kind, and much interested in the demonstration.

Testimony of Healing
One Fourth of July, several years age, I went with friends...
June 15, 1912

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