From my earliest recollection I was not considered strong...

From my earliest recollection I was not considered strong or healthy; there seemed to be almost constantly something wrong. I was very susceptible to colds on the lungs, scarcely ever being free from them, and many times was not able to speak above a whisper. As time passed, my lungs developed decided weakness, and when I was about fifteen the lung trouble had developed to such an extent that I frequently overheard the remark that I would die from this disease. At the age of about eighteen years I began to do for myself in every way, and desiring so much to be well and believing that medicines would cure me, I was seldom without them; but instead of curing me as I had hoped, other diseased conditions arose. I had stomach and bowel trouble, also liver, kidney, and bladder difficulties, and the more I doctored the more diseases seemed to be my lot. At length when I had a bad case of piles, and then appendicitis, it appeared to me that I could not keep up such an unequal struggle much longer, so in September, 1903, I gave up, greatly discouraged. I sold out my business (that of saw-milling) with the thought that I would never again be able to engage in it, and started with a course of treatment from a specialist. I continued with this until the last day of December, 1903, on which date I took the last dose of medicine; and being then in much worse condition than when I commenced the course of treatment, I was utterly disheartened, in the belief that medicine could do me no good, and that there was nothing left for me but to drag out a miserable existence till death should end it all, which I hoped might come soon.

In February, 1904, while visiting a relative at Anderson, Ind., I was asked why I did not try Christian Science. I had never heard of it, and asked what it was and what it could do for me; but the one who mentioned it to me, not being a Scientist, could tell me nothing more than that people were being healed by it, and I was earnestly urged to try it. For several days I contended that I could have no faith in it, as I believed what was taught in the churches, that the day of miracles was past. I also felt my condition was too serious to be helped in any way or by anything.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science causes us to exclaim with the psalmist,...
June 15, 1912

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