Gray skies, a sullen pool of water—colorless stretches of grass and shivering trees. A cheerless scene indeed, I thought, as I wended my way up the old, familiar path. Suddenly the sun shone, and the scene was changed. The skies were no longer gray—they were pearl-tinted, and surely the silver lining gleamed through every cloud. The pool of water sparkled and danced beneath the blue sky, and all the trees of the field distinctly clapped their hands, perhaps because at that moment a thousand birds burst into a delicious rendering of what I think must have been a "rhapsodie," and all because the sun had given one of his sunniest smiles! I marveled at the change; the world had seemed so old, so weary, just a moment before, and now the sunshine had revealed its beauty and its youth; life, color, and joy appeared wherever the sunbeams glanced, and that was everywhere.

The thought then flashed upon me that here was symbolized life as it seemed before Christian Science came, and also after the light of Truth and Love had burst forth. Just as for me the "Sun of righteousness" had risen, with "healing in his wings," so the sun shone forth and transformed the whole world,—as one of our hymns expresses it,—

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