Problems come to us all, and sometimes it seems the only way to turn to some one else for advice. It is then we need to remember that to each of us is given a task which no other can do for us; that, one and all, we must work out our own salvation. Again and again are we reminded, however, that while we can do nothing of ourselves,—in our own wisdom and strength,—we are not left "comfortless," there is an unfailing source from which we may ever draw an abundant supply—even "our Father," in whom is infinite wisdom and intelligence. Requests for advice on personal and local church problems still come to headquarters, but we can only repeat what it was our purpose to make clear in an editorial which appeared in the Sentinel some three years ago, and it is reprinted as a reminder of the blessings which have come to humanity through the truth that has opened to them the Scriptures. The editorial is as follows:—

Occasionally there come to us appeals for advice in regard to the proper course to be pursued by members of churches in which the utmost harmony does not prevail. Our Leader sagely says, "Great mischief comes from attempts to steady other people's altars, venturing on valor without discretion" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 287); therefore to all such appeals we have answered, in effect, that we cannot undertake to be the arbiter of differences which have arisen between members, nor to advise any course of action other than for those interested to "search the Scriptures diligently," and demonstrate the teachings of Science and Health.

May 18, 1912

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