A lecture on Christian Science was delivered Feb. 12 at the Auditorium by Virgil O. Strickler. He was introduced by Judge A. K. Cook, who said:—

There was a time, and that not long ago, when each of the old religious denominations claimed a monopoly of all knowledge as to God's plans and purposes toward the human race, and as to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth; and when he who dared to advance any views that were antagonistic to the time-honored beliefs and traditions of these denominations was promptly denounced as a blasphemer, or something worse. But that time has passed away. Religious bigotry and intolerance are no longer the blight and curse of our land. Very few of these older religious denominations are as sure of their ground as they once were. Many of them now concede, impliedly if not expressly, that there is a possibility at least of their having overlooked or misunderstood some of the vital truths of divine revelation. The spirit of intolerance has been supplanted by the spirit of investigation. We are seeking more light. We realize that the last word may not yet have been spoken. We are not only willing but anxious to hear what more can be said in answer to that momentous question propounded more than eighteen centuries ago to the meek and lowly Nazarene, "What is truth?"

Testimony of Healing
I am employed in the press department of a publication...
May 18, 1912

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