The testimonies in the Sentinel have been such a help to...

The testimonies in the Sentinel have been such a help to me that I wish to add my own, hoping it will help some one who is searching for the truth. In August, 1908, I was wonderfully healed by Christian Science of a distressing form of rheumatism after trying materia medica and other means. I had continued to get worse till I was confined to my bed, when a sister who was visiting me and who was studying Christian Science asked me to let her call a practitioner. I at first refused, but after some time in which I suffered intensely I consented, and now I count it as the wisest step I ever took.

The practitioner was called in the forenoon and treatment given me at once. The next day I went to Denver to see the practitioner (we were then living twenty miles north of Denver, Col.), and I can never forget the feeling which came over me as the practitioner talked to me. I felt that at last I had found something tangible, something which could be proven, if not wholly, at least in part. To me it seemed too good to be true that the Science of Soul could ever be attained. I stayed for lunch and partook of the first real meal I had easten for weeks, having been on a strict diet. At first I thought I would not dare to eat anything which was on the table, as everything there had been strictly forbidden by my doctor; but the practitioner assured me that man was made to have dominion, so I ate heartily, and needless to say I suffered no ill consequences.

Testimony of Healing
I am very happy to tell what Christian Science has done...
May 18, 1912

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