I am employed in the press department of a publication...

I am employed in the press department of a publication concern as head pressman, and one morning while preparing for the day's work, after the machinery had been started, I unthinkingly placed my fingers on the composition form rollers of the cylinder press to test the condition of the ink. Instantly my hand and arm were drawn in between the rollers and steel vibrators almost to the elbow. The pressure was so great that the set-screws were forced, raising the vibrators upward. I had presence of mind, however, to throw the controller on the reverse, thereby releasing my arm. There was evidence of serious injury and the pain was intense, but my first thought was to repeat "the scientific statement of being" (Science and Health, p. 468). I continued to declare the truth constantly until able to reach the telephone. I then asked for help, and the practitioner responded immediately. Within possibly half an hour I was almost entirely free from pain and the swelling was reduced one half. This happened on a Wednesday morning, and the following Sunday morning I was in my place at the morning service. The arm showed scarcely any hurt, although the hand had a few spots here and there. I lost possibly one hour, all told, as I kept right on with my work after this happened. My fellow workmen were astonished at my quick restoration, as well they might be, for it was remarkable, but in Christian Science we come to see that these things are divinely natural. Christian Science teaches that there are no accidents in the divine Mind, and that "divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494).

Since coming into Christian Science I have been healed of the tobacco habit of thirty years' standing; the use of medicine and drugs is a thing of the past, fear has been almost entirely overcome. My family consists of nine members, all hale and hearty; rheumatism, infantile paralysis, the effects of poison, and many minor ills have been entirely overcome. All this was because of the understanding gained in Christian Science that God is the only power governing man; that He is our ever-present help. The physical healing is, however, the very least. It is the uplifted thought, the true light of understanding in our consciousness, the consciousness of our relationship to God, that we are His children, the objects of His care, the recipients of His love; it is this that helps us to do our work each day, and this also heals.

Testimony of Healing
It seems to me that no one could have received more...
May 18, 1912

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