It seems to me that no one could have received more...

It seems to me that no one could have received more blessings from Christian Science than I have. My mother became a Scientist when I was but ten years of age, yet I would not see the good in it and said many bitter things regarding it, until at the age of twenty I was led to the study of Science and Health through a deadly fear of lung disease for myself and the hopeless clutch that an opiate seemed to have on a very dear friend.

All who had passed on in our family had suffered from lung trouble, and the doctors told me that I could not live six months. I then read Science and Health, and understood it well enough to demonstrate its teachings for myself, with the result that almost immediately my cough disappeared and all the darkness turned to sunshine. So I thought I could see immediate help for my friend, who was the son of a drinking father and himself a slave to the tobacco and drug habits, drink, gambling, and a bad temper. Yet he was a good-hearted lad who really wanted to overcome his bad habits, and with good promises from him we were married. When, however, I asked him to try Christian Science he would have none of it, but with will-power tried to overcome his habits, until he became so discouraged that he went from bad to worse, and thinking I would be better off without him he left me alone to support myself.

Testimony of Healing
In justice to a great cause and in gratitude for the lasting...
May 18, 1912

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