[Translated from the German.]

Sincere gratitude impels me to express the joy I feel for...

Sincere gratitude impels me to express the joy I feel for all the good which I have experienced through Christian Science. In February, 1911, I was suddenly taken ill with a hemorrhoidal trouble in a severe form, and I expected a serious outcome at any time. The pain was unbearable, and I was prepared for the worst. All the while I was ignorant of God's goodness and nearness, as I had no idea of Christian Science, never having heard the name mentioned; but, while on my bed of suffering, a Christian Science practitioner came to me with words of comfort and told me that I could recover my health.

Little did I know how quickly I was to be freed of my suffering, but during the following night, which I had been dreading, I suddenly experienced relief and slept for a time. When I awoke I recalled the words of the practitioner, and an inner voice told me that I was healed. Next morning I was able to raise myself up in bed without assistance, to the great surprise of the members of my family, as previous to this two persons had to help me whenever I wanted to change my position. After I got up I realized that the pain had completely disappeared. I felt as if newborn, and hardly knew how to give thanks to God for His love and goodness. On that day I was able to do light housework, and on the following day attended to all my duties. From that time on I read the German translations of the Christian Science literature, and my vision of Truth was enlarged through the explanations therein given. Now I know that with God's help nothing is too difficult for accomplishment, and that we may partake freely of His fulness.

Testimony of Healing
Before I became interested in Christian Science I had...
January 20, 1912

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