When , in 1908, I read in the Sentinel that Christian Scientists were to have a daily newspaper, I immediately subscribed for a copy to be sent to a member of my family, but being myself in Honolulu, about six thousand miles from Boston, I thought I did not care to take it. Shortly after this, the announcement was made that our Leader requested that "every Christian Scientist ... subscribe for and read our daily newspaper" (Sentinel, Nov. 21, 1908). Although abundant proof of her wisdom in leadership was not lacking, and I knew she had good and sufficient reason for making such a request (whether at the time I saw what it was or not), I confess I stopped to argue with myself, instead of sending in my subscription at once.

I argued that the paper would be old when it reached me; but immediately came the thought that Mrs. Eddy must have considered the fact that all Christian Scientists do not live in or around Boston,—that they were scattered all over the world and in places where it would take that paper days to reach,—and yet she had requested that all Christian Scientists read it. Then came the argument that I had so little time, and that I wanted to read the textbook, Mrs. Eddy's other writings, and the periodicals. I had to admit that Mrs. Eddy was aware how much all these meant to Christian Scientists, and yet she had requested Christian Scientists to read the Monitor.

August 12, 1911

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