It occurs to me I have not been obedient in withholding...

It occurs to me I have not been obedient in withholding my testimony to this late day, so I will try to put in practice the following from Science and Health (p. 393): "Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good," and make good that which I have intended to do for fourteen years. The first time I heard of Christian Science was in 1886, when I was attending school in Boston. The night before school closed, a party of our class had been to Brookline for an outing, and on our way home a doctor said, "You girls have been to every place of interest except the Metaphysical College." I shrank from the suggestion, but the doctor said, "Oh, you must be broader than that!" It was of course ignorance which made me express myself as I did. While at school I had had teachers and classmates that were Unitarians and Universalists, and hearing them talk I felt they had better mental food than I had; so I wrote home to my parents to that effect. My mother replied, "You must remember you are a Presbyterian. Your father says you must be careful with whom you associate, for he had a cousin that went to Boston and got very much mixed in his thought."

In 1893 my mother was taken sick, and the physicians and all the family (except myself) declared that her time had come to die. I felt that God was not a good God to take away my mother. The thought came to me that perhaps if I were willing to pray "Thy will be done," she might be spared to us, not knowing then that it was God's will she should live; but I finally knelt and prayed, "Thy will be done," trusting that God knew best. Only a few hours elapsed and she was better. I held her thus in blind faith for one year, when she was taken sick again; and when she passed on I could not be comforted or reconciled. I felt it was not right.

Testimony of Healing
I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for all the...
August 12, 1911

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