In August, 1906, I had occasion to take a room in an...

In August, 1906, I had occasion to take a room in an apartment house in Petaluma, Cal., and on entering I noticed the sign: "Christian Science Services and Reading Room." I thought that since I had leisure it was good opportunity to investigate Christian Science, as I had wished to do for several years. It happened that my room was across the hall from the Christian Science room, and the day was Wednesday, so I went to a Christian Science meeting that evening for the first time. On being questioned, I replied that I was not a Scientist, but would like some literature, and after that I spent several afternoons in conversation with the librarian, who kindly explained things that were puzzling me. I did not do this for relief from sickness, although I had worn a brace for five years. When I had read for some time in the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," one afternoon the brace suddenly seemed very uncomfortable, and although previously I could not be comfortable without it, I finally removed it. The next morning when dressing I took it as usual to put on, but felt a sudden unwillingness to do so, and laid it aside until I should feel the need of it. I have never worn it since, and am now strong and well, but it did not occur to me until I days afterward, when reading the testimonies in Science and Health, that I had been healed by reading this book.

Since then I have had many successful demonstrations, and besides the physical help I enjoy the larger, freer life upon which I have entered. All the aspects of life, past, present, and future are so changed that I could no more take up the old way again than a liberated bird could reenter its cage.—Mrs. E. H. Percy, Ukiah, Cal.

May 14, 1910

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