At the time Christian Science found me I thought I had...

At the time Christian Science found me I thought I had lost all that made life worth living. At one blow husband, love, home, and money were taken from me, and for three and a half years I wandered restlessly about the world, thinking I should never be happy again; longing for contentment and peace, but finding none until I heard of Christian Science, over a year ago. Since then I have been experiencing that "warfare with one's self" which Mrs. Eddy tells us is "grand" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 118). Having had a garden full of weeds, there still is much work to be done; but I now know that perfect peace is to be had here and now, when the overcoming has been accomplished. I have also learned where to look for true happiness, and that it is only obtained by seeking our own in another's good.

Besides the spiritual and moral enlightenment I have received through the help of those dear friends who have led me to the light, there have also been some proofs of healing for which to be grateful. A very few weeks after I heard of Christian Science I was called upon to make my choice between the surgeon and God for the healing of my child of abnormal growths and enlarged glands. I felt that the opportunity was given me to test the healng power of Christian Science, and I am thankful to say I was impelled to try it, with the result that the child's health began to improve almost immediately, and a fortnight later she was healed of the growths, in proof of which I had a doctor's certificate. The throat was, however, still in a bad state, and I was on the eve of going to France for the summer holidays, though the doctor had said it would be very unwise to do so. I risked it, however, knowing the truth, and that condition also was shortly overcome. Since then I have been relieved of corns, and both myself and my little girl have been healed of measles. During our treatment fot this, all the falsity of the evidence of disease was clearly seen, yet it vanished entirely, leaving no after effects whatever. The child was out for a long walk on the sixth day, looking perfectly well and healthy.

Testimony of Healing
The passing away of an eminent New York surgeon from...
May 14, 1910

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