Over two years ago, when struggling for health and...

Over two years ago, when struggling for health and strength, after an illness of five months under the physician's care, when discouraged and unable to walk but a few steps at a time, a friend suggested that I try Christian Science. I did not then think seriously of it, but a few days later this friend sent a practitioner to call on me. He talked with me, and I decided to try the treatment, though I had but little faith that anything could cure me. I had suffered with severe headaches for over eight years, often becoming nearly insane from the pain; and I had a serious affection of the spine, which caused me much additional pain and loss of sleep.

Physicians had tried in vain to help me, and an osteopath had also failed. The Christian Science practitioner said that I would make more rapid progress if I had a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I did not think it necessary, but I was determined that I would give this mode of treatment as fair a trial as I had the others. I, however, soon learned to love the "little book" and its author, and for the first time in my life I began to enjoy reading the Bible, which I now realize is the Book of Life instead of a book of legends and enigmas as I had always thought it. I forgot to mention the spinal curvature to the practitioner, but in just a week from the time I began treatment, I found that my spine had become perfectly straight, and I have never had any discomfort from it since. This was a sufficient proof to me that God's laws when properly applied can and do heal, and in a short time I felt better and stronger than for many years.

Testimony of Healing
Many times I have been on the point of sending a few...
September 4, 1909

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