I should have to write volumes if I were to tell all that...

I should have to write volumes if I were to tell all that Christian Science has done for me. When I was first induced to look into this Science, I was a nervous, suffering piece of humanity, finding my greatest comfort and happiness in the sympathy and constant attention of friends. This truth first presented itself to me as a reasonable, practical religion, which not only answered satisfactorily all statements in the Bible over which I had pondered and asked questions,—only to receive unsatisfactory answers,—but it shed a new light upon the whole Bible.

I then began to realize that as Christian Science proves God's words and promises to be true, inevitably God's child is not subject to any material laws. I also realized that God did not create sickness, sin, or discord, as all that He made was good; therefore, God being the only creator, there could be no room or place for sickness, sin, or discord. I began at once to try to prove the truth of these statements, with the result that in less than six weeks I was perfectly well. My nerves had ceased to distress me: a chronic throat trouble, a supposedly inherited stomach affection, etc., also another severe chronic complaint for which I had doctored with a specialist for ten years with only temporary relief, as well as some minor troubles, had completely disappeared.

September 4, 1909

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