As I have been helped in many instances by Christian Science,...

As I have been helped in many instances by Christian Science, I feel that it is time I made an acknowledgment of the same. I hope that the proofs which havve come to me through the application of Christian Science, may help others to see the truth. Christian Science has helped me spiritually and physically, it is resurrecting the best part of me and annihilating much that has for years held me in bondage.

About three years ago I was in Elwood, Ind., at which time there was an epidemic of fever and there were a number of deaths every day. My nephew became ill, and having no knowledge of Christian Science, he was attended for several weeks by a physician. The doctor worked hard to save his life, but there came a day when he advised me to call some one else, as he had done all he could. I then sent word to a Christian Science practitioner who had helped me some twelve years previous, when I had an attack of lead-poisoning. Although this practitioner was three thousand miles away, the response came promptly. In a week's time my nephew could sit up in a chair, and from that time on he gained rapidly in strength. When the call for Science help was sent out the boy was terribly emaciated. Not only do I feel that his life was saved through Christian Science, but I feel that I was myself saved from the same disease by having every symptom met in Christian Science as it appeared.

Testimony of Healing
Over two years ago, when struggling for health and...
September 4, 1909

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