It is with a heart full of gratitude for what Christian Science...

It is with a heart full of gratitude for what Christian Science has done and is doing for me, that I give this testimony. For sixteen years I had suffered from a severe form of heart disease, so complicated and baffling that we turned from the regular practising physician to specialists, trying first one, then another, till each in turn had said he could do nothing for me. At this point I felt that if the physician then attending me should give me up, there was indeed no chance for me, as everything had been done that medical science could do.

Finally this dreaded day came. I had been ill for two weeks, had eaten nothing in that time, and when the pain and difficulty of breathing ceased, sinking-spells set in. The doctor had been with me several times during the day, each time changing the medicine. It was in August and a very warm day, so I was brought out on the veranda. In the afternoon at two o'clock the doctor came again, and this time I saw he had given up hope. I was young and clung to life, but it seemed now that all was over. He left me, saying he would return in an hour. As he reached his carriage I saw my next-door neighbor, a stranger to me, speaking with him. After a few moments she turned and came to me, saying that she knew my physician and he had said she might sit with me. She then introduced the subject of Christian Science, telling me of its benefits till five o'clock. All this time I was having sinking-spells every few minutes, so that considerable of her talk escaped me; but still I got a little, and after a while I noticed that I had been seeing her for some time and was hearing all she said. I realized that I was better, but gave no credit to Science.

Testimony of Healing
Like so many others I have been delivered from the...
August 14, 1909

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