On page 117 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy writes, "A progressive life is the reality of Life that unfolds its immortal Principle." That which is worth having is worth striving for ; and truth is the pearl of great price for which all material beliefs must be surrendered in order to obtain and retain it. Mental laziness is essentially dishonest, for it rests on the assumption that another can do one's work for him. Thus a belief of vicarious atonement would be cherished which is antipodal to the teaching of Christian Science, and which leads to further wrong mental habits. Indeed, such a fallacy might induce a desire for death, with the thought that it is easier to pass on than to lay hold upon the strength of Mind, and fulfil the duty of reflecting God, who is our Life. Many have been raised from dying beds by exposing the falsity of this error, by showing them that the belief of death is without legitimate foundation, which, if indulged in under such conditions, but adds another error to be finally overcome.

Mental activity must be continuous, because the belief of error seems ever active in the general consciousness of mortals, and at any time may become operative in our thought. It must be forcible, because back of this right thinking is all the power, intelligence, energy, law, and love of the universe. It must be intelligent, because in order to be effective it must know whereof it speaks; and above all, it must be loving, for Love alone heals, and its purpose is to purify and redeem. The argument of error, or mortal mind, seems to confuse and obstruct us in our spiritual growth, and much prayerful consecration to God, with energy, humility, and love, is necessary at all times in order to succeed.

November 27, 1909

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