Desiring to acknowledge the healing power of Christian Science,...

Desiring to acknowledge the healing power of Christian Science, I will relate my experience, which was to me and all of my family proof positive that truth can and does destroy pain and suffering whenever it is properly applied. One night I was awakened with such sharp pains in the abdomen that I could not control my thoughts, and my wife, who had helped me at other times, was by the severity of the attack overcome with fear. We then called upon a local practitioner, and when she came I was suffering intensely. She began to treat me at once ; in a few moments the pain became less, and within an hour I was asleep. I slept soundly until seven o'clock, then got up feeling as well as usual, and with no soreness to remind me of the night's experience. A short time after this I was unhitching a spirited horse in the dark, when he became frightened and jumped against me, knocking me down, then stepping on me, and injuring me very seriously. My wife and daughter got me into the house and the practitioner was called. I was in severe pain and breathing with much difficulty, but after getting to bed I became easier and was soon asleep, resting well all night. I felt the effects of the injury for several days, though but one visit from the practitioner was necessary. I have been a student of Christian Science for several years, and know that the truth is powerful to overcome all the false beliefs and fears of mortal sense. — F. D. Wyman, A correction was made in the December 18, 1909 Sentinel: "The testimony on page 256 of the Nov. 27 Sentinel signed F. D. Hyman, should have been F. D. Wyman." Yankton, S. D.

Testimony of Healing
I came to Christian Science for the healing of a stomach...
November 27, 1909

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