The word realization is used so frequently in our literature that it is of great importance that we understand it thoroughly before we can feel sure of deriving from the study of the literature the unbounded good with which it teems for those prepared to receive it. Taken in its material sense, when we "realize" on a business or property, we convert such business or property into the current medium in which material wealth is exchanged, commonly money, and we then know the extent of our possessions.

In Christian Science, when any phase of untruth confronts us, be it a sense of pain or an untoward circumstance, we realize the truth, as taught in our text-book. " Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and this realization of the truth dispels, as light dispels the darkness, the unspiritual and untruthful concept which occupied our consciousness. Realization, therefore, is the knowing of the truth, and is instantaneous or gradual according as our consciousness is free from the mental debris of the false concepts formerly held. If our realization of the truth is slow, or even imperceptible, the thing to do is to be logical and examine ourselves and see what sort of debris it is that is obstructing the full light of truth from our consciousness, for we may be assured that nothing else than the debris of false concepts formerly held can hinder our work, and it can do this only until the law of Spirit be fulfilled.

November 27, 1909

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