In the Christian Science Hymnal we find these words:...

In the Christian Science Hymnal we find these words: "If God is All-in-all, His children cannot fear." This was the rock on which I planted my feet when I began the study of Christian Science. The thought came filled with such fulness, peace, and joy as to bring a sense of having found a rich treasure, and for a time I wished to hold it in secret for my very own. But when the promise was fulfilled, that "whosoever hath, to him shall be given," there came a strong desire to give, not withhold, to share and not hoard ; and it is this desire which prompts the writing of this acknowledgement, this too long delayed expression of what Christian Science has been to me. The truth has quieted for me fear and pain, brought peace and supply. A word spoken after the Wednesday evening meeting brought me instant relief from throat discomfort. On another occasion, I experienced instantaneous healing by the word that "God's child cannot be sick," spoken in the reading-room by a lady whose name was unknown to me. This was strong confirmation that "if God is All-in-all, His children cannot fear."

Science and Health, which I once thought it unwise to give to an inquirer, I would now give as a help to any one, knowing it to be the "Key to the Scriptures." The psalmist says : "I will abundantly bless her provision : I will satisfy her poor with bread. I will also clothe her priests with salvation : and her saints shall shout aloud for joy."

Testimony of Healing
In the winter of 1908 I had a severe cold, my head and...
November 27, 1909

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