It is over six years since I first became interested in...

It is over six years since I first became interested in Christian Science, and from the first words which I read in Science and Health I thought it a most wonderful revelation of the truth, and I have never, not for one moment, had the least feeling of criticism toward the one through whom this great revelation has come. Through the reading of Science and Health I was healed of a serious trouble of many years' standing, which our family physician had often relieved, but not cured, as the trouble was sure to return if I did any unusual work. After I had been healed of this condition in Christian Science, however, I did not need to be careful, and there has been no return of the trouble. I could tell of hate and malice overcome in many instances, and my family say that the change for the better in my disposition is wonderful.

I have kept so well during the past six years that I have not had many experiences in the way of overcoming sickness, but the fact that I have kept well is, of course, the best testimony of all. I will, however, tell of one case of healing which took place soon after I became interested in Christian Science. On arising one morning, I found that my throat was quite sore, but I kept on with my household duties. However, I grew rapidly worse, and by the middle of the afternoon I realized that I had a very acute and violent attack of illness. I was in such intense pain that I could not move any part of my body without great suffering, and I also had a very high fever. I was in such a condition, indeed, that I could not do much for myself. When my husband came home that evening, he at once tried to get a Christian Science practitioner ; but the one he wanted was out, so he waited for her return. About half past eight I suddenly realized that I was absolutely free from all that seeming discord. I sprang out of bed and called up my husband over the telephone, saying that I was alright. When he came home and saw that I was really free from pain, and the fever all gone, he was amazed, but I knew that even the little understanding of the truth about God and man which I had gained by reading Science and Health had driven out that old lie called the devil. At that time my husband was not interested in Christian Science, but was willing that I should try it. He thought it might be good for women and children, but now he is reading Science and Health through for the third time, and attends the services. He has found that Christian Science is a good thing also for men.

Testimony of Healing
In the Christian Science Hymnal we find these words:...
November 27, 1909

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