On another page is published a communication from...

New York Journal

On another page is published a communication from Mr. Strickler, representing the Publication Committee of the Christian Science church in New York State. It is interesting to find the Christian Scientists—formerly ridiculed and belittled—politely but firmly refusing to allow others to climb on their band wagon or "hitch on behind." The Publication Committee points out that one bishop and various clergymen have been offering their followers something in place of Christian Science, "equally good," as they say in drug-stores when they offer a substitue, and he tells them they must take all of Christian Science or none. He refuses, on behalf of Christian Science, to allow any mixture of Christian Science healing with hypnotism or auto-suggestion. ...

For those who are not Christian Scientists, but ordinary material scientists, the effort of the Christian Scientists, formerly despised, to shake off those who now try to join their procession under different names, is certainly instructive as well as amusing. The growth of religions throughout the world's history has been intensely interesting always. To see a new religion rise is, in the mental world, what it would be to see an island rising from the sea. The rise of the Christian Science movement, which has been extraordinary, is a part of to-day's life well worth studying. Certainly a new page is presented when we find Mr. Strickler, for the Christian Scientists, politely waving off the little boys of other denominations that want to "hitch on" with their sleds.

February 29, 1908

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