The present age seems unique for the number of societies...

The Christian Commonwealth

The present age seems unique for the number of societies of individuals banded together for one common purpose —the search for truth. Other periods of time have witnessed simultaneous outbursts of emotionalism, as when Dr. Maurice Davies penned his series of works on Mystic, Unorthodox, Orthodox, and Heterodox London. Then each one deemed himself infallible, at least in thought. Now infallibility, in theory, is claimed only by the ultraorthodox, and leads, as it has always done, to persecution; only modern persecution is not physical, but takes the form of misrepresentation and slander. In the present movement, or movements, there is at once a divergence and a resemblance. The resemblance lies in the recognition of spiritual forces and their preeminence over the material. Can it be that we are advancing towards the time of which Professor Dana prophesied when he wrote: "The man of the future is man triumphant over dying nature, exulting in the freedom and privilege of spiritual life." What is true will remain, what is false will disappear.

Christian Science claims not to cure disease so much as to expel it by the exaltation of the spiritual over the material. Again I sought for information at the fountainhead, and repaired to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sloane Terrace, S. W., where the erection of a handsome building has just been completed, the cost entirely contributed by the five hundred members who have been enrolled on its register.

January 11, 1908

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