We sometimes hear it said, "Oh, I have tried Christian Science,...

We sometimes hear it said, "Oh, I have tried Christian Science, but it did not help me." I would like to tell how I had to try Science four times, before I received the blessings and help that it always brings to an honest seeker. It was only by loving care that I grew to womanhood, and it was thought that I would always be delicate. I heard of Christian Science some seven or eight years ago, and at that time had some treatment for headaches. For several reasons I did not receive much if any benefit from the treatment, and was finally taken so ill with lung trouble that things were taken out of my hands and the doctor called, my family being opposed to Science at the time. My mother took the disease and died, and I was so ill that there seemed little chance of recovery. I shall always remember with gratitude the loving care given me then and after by doctors and nurses. After some months I recovered in a measure, only to have stomach and other troubles develop, the former supposed to be inherited. Then a long struggle commenced—rest, diet, and change were all tried, and finally more strenuous measures were resorted to. I would improve for a time, then go back again. In this way I existed for two or three years, when an operation was suggested; so in February I was taken to one of the large hospitals and was operated on. The operation was called successful, but the stomach trouble became very serious and the suffering and depression were great. After three weeks at home I was again taken ill, and there was doubt of my ever getting up again, but I was spared to know that we are free if we but learn to claim our rightful heritage. Before being ill my work had been art work, and the four years had drawn heavily on our means, for my sister spared no expense. I felt I wanted to take the work up again, for I loved it, but was told I would not be able to make it pay as I would never be able to do as others did. This was in the spring. After six months spent in the country, I decided to try my work again, and took a studio. At first I did not have much work, and when I did I was in fear that I would not be able to do it. This went on until March, when I had a severe attack of illness and went to the doctor; he gave me a prescription that I knew would never cure me, and I again turned to Science, this time, I am happy and grateful to say, not in vain. I received the address of a practitioner and called on her that evening. Treatment was commenced, and I can to-day testify that the truth does make us free.

Should there be any who read this testimony with whom the healing is slow, I would say, Do not be discouraged. It was so with me, but I am thankful for it, for with the healing came the spiritual awakening. I found I had to help do my own work, and it was in proportion as I was faithful that healing and freedom came.

I want to tell of two experiences that came to me. In I Thessalonians, 5th chapter, we read, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." Last summer, in planning for my vacation, I wished to go where I could have all the time I wanted for the study of the Bible and Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and I declined all invitations to join friends. I selected a place that I knew was quiet, but when I reached it I seemed to find everything that I did not want, and I had to prove that the truth was what I wanted more than anything else. The temptation to leave and go where I would find friends and pleasure was great, but I stayed. One of the difficulties was the food. The first few days the fear of suffering if I ate the food was great. One morning in studying the Lesson for the week I came to this verse from the Bible, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." When I commenced to understand the meaning, I knew I could not fear that food or any other, and I now eat what is set before me, "asking no question for conscience sake," as Paul says. The other experience was with poisoning. I had occasion to use a solution of hydrofluoric acid in my work. I took the common-sense precautions that I had always taken in using the acid, and had completed the work. In about half an hour I felt a pain in the right hand, and at once took up the thought that God's child has dominion, while I denied the error. After an hour the pain was still intense and appearance alarming, so I telephoned for help. Later I called on a practitioner. After returning home I retired, but could not sleep as the pain was intense and extended up into the shoulder. Towards morning my sister was reading to me from Science and Health, when I saw a frightened expression on her face. I told her to go to the telephone and tell the practitioner, which she did, and I fell asleep. I was able to get up and go to the practitioner next morning. That day I read in Science and Health almost all day, and on Tuesday I was able to be at the studio and handle a brush. I went to see the practitioner once more on Thursday. The poison was neutralized by Truth, and the healing was complete; not even the nail came off.

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Testimony of Healing
With a heart overflowing with gratitude I wish to give...
February 2, 1907

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