The North American

The people of Pennsylvania may be expected to observe with no little interest the fate of the bill, introduced to the Legislature the other day, for the rigid limitation of their opportunities to enjoy the consolations and the renewing influences of medical practitioners. This remarkable measure, which is urged by a Representative from Cumberland county, proposes to give a complete monopoly of the business of "doctoring" to physicians of three schools, the allopathic, so called, the homeopathic, and the eclectic. All others are forbidden to engage in "the healing art" under penalty of punishment for misdemeanor.

It will be observed, of course, that under this arrangement the door is shut upon osteopathists and Christian Scientists, and even upon the persons who pledge themselves to the restoration of health through the medium of what are called patent medicines. These persons are thrust back into the ranks of quacks and impostors, and have imposed upon them the ignominy and discredit usually accorded to men who pow-wow and conjure, who claim natural gifts as healers because they are seventh sons of seventh sons, or have learned from Indians the medicinal virtues of certain mysterious herbs. It is an unkind fate.

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