THE healing work of Christian Science has taken such a firm hold upon the thinking classes that the envy of opposing systems has been aroused to the utmost. Some of our medical friends in particular seem determined that certain laws restricting the practice of Christian Science shall be passed by the different State legislatures. Their efforts have in the main proven unavailing, and with the growing confidence of the people in the efficacy of Christian Science healing, it is not at all probable that any of the States will accede to the selfish demands of any one class of practitioners. In the first place, it is admitted that the people themselves are not asking for any such legislation. In fact, many broad-minded physicians are not in favor of it. They see and honestly acknowledge the good that is being accomplished by Christian Science, oftentimes in cases they themselves had failed to cure, and some go so far as to recommend patients they have not been able to relieve to try Christian Science. Here is evidence of that true Christian spirit which characterizes the work of every genuine humanitarian. He who loves his fellow-man will try in every way possible to render him aid in time of need. If his own method fails, he will gladly recommend some other, and will rejoice if that one succeeds. If this charity and courtesy were extended by the medical profession generally, the mortuary record of our land would soon appreciably decrease.

Christian Science practice is founded upon no material belief, theory, or opinion, but upon the recognition of divine Mind as the sole power and healing influence in the universe. It is not the hypnotic or mesmeric influence of one erring mind over other minds. It is in no way related to nor associated with so-called "suggestive therapeutics." Neither is it the exercise of human will-power. Its ability to heal is not dependent upon knowledge of physical anatomy, physiology, or hygiene. It is not based upon any physical diagnosis of disease. What the patient is thinking is the important thing to be made acquainted with in the healing work of Christian Science, and when such thinking is thoroughly corrected through divine influence, which means the operation of God's law, the patient is healed mentally and physically.

The practitioner deals with mental causation from start to finish. He knows that the only method of dispensing with a shadow on the wall is to remove that which is casting the shadow. Disease is thought shadowed on the body, and when the discordant thought is corrected the disease disappears. It is not his knowledge of disease that enables him to heal, but instead his knowledge of health. It is not the watchmaker's knowledge of broken watches that enables him to repair a broken watch, but instead his knowledge of the perfect mechanism. It is not the bank-teller's knowledge of counterfeit bills that protects him against counterfeits, but instead his knowledge of the genuine bills. The Christian Science practitioner has a perfect model to work from; and, with all due respect for the medical fraternity, let it here be stated that those who have not honestly sought to know the truth of Christian Science so as to be able to prove in some degree its Principle true in the healing of disease, know practically nothing of this perfect working basis of the Scientist; and because this most important point is not understood, they insist that it is fraught with danger to the public health, and that laws must be enacted to compel the mental practitioner to adjust himself to the standard of material practice. Neither reason nor justice support this contention. Had the knowledge of various material studies been essential to success in their practice, Christian Scientists would have adopted them long ago, whereas the fact is that their marked success in healing has resulted from their having forsaken these various subjects, and learned in their place the truth about God and man. Too long have mortals held to that which is untrue and unreal concerning God and man, and by accepting the Christ-teaching Christian Scientists have not only been healed themselves but have been enabled to make others whole. It is a knowledge of right that corrects a wrong. A knowledge of disease is a knowledge of something that is positively and undeniably wrong, and only a right understanding of health can scientifically correct or heal the disease. The consciousness that heals and blesses is one that is filled with moral and spiritual knowledge or understanding, and not with thoughts of disease or sin.

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February 2, 1907

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