I gladly give an account of my healing in Christian Science,...

I gladly give an account of my healing in Christian Science, hoping that it may help some poor sufferer who is a stranger to me, as it has helped many who have known personally what Christian Science did for me. When a young woman I fell downstairs, injuring my spine, and soon after had a severe attack of bowel trouble, which terminated in most serious and alarming conditions. The pain and soreness at times caused the greatest distress, and there was also much suffering from the spinal trouble. For more than twenty years I was unable to walk on the street. I tried all systems of medicine, employing more than a dozen physicians; I was taken to a sanitarium, to White Sulphur Springs, and to the mountains in North Carolina, all to no purpose. Beside all these physicians, I was examined by several eminent surgeons, who gave me no hope, one of world-wide reputation saying very emphatically that nothing could be done for me, that I "must carry the spinal trouble to the grave." Then I came to Florida, searching for health in this beautiful climate. While I loved the perpetual summer, yet I was still doomed to disappointment. Then came a disease of the eyes, and I was compelled to wear a dark shade for two years, while the suffering in my head at times was intense. Though physicians and oculists did not say that the eye trouble was incurable, yet they failed to bring me any relief.

In November, 1897, I went to New York to see a noted German oculist; but soon after seeing him, a friend told me of some wonderful experiences he had in Christian Science, and urged me to try it. I decided at once to do so, and although my healing was slow,—I took treatment over a year,—yet to me and to all my friends it seems marvelous. I only accepted it for my eyes, supposing there could be no help for the two so-called incurable diseases, especially for the bowel trouble, as a similar disease had proved fatal with several of my family. When my eyes began to improve, I also gained in strength, and to my joy found that I was improving in every way. All these years I had been subject to sudden attacks of excruciating pain in the bowels, keeping me in bed for days, and sometimes weeks, but after commencing Christian Science treatment several months passed without one of these attacks, and the soreness began to grow less. Then one night I awoke with the dreadful pain, which rapidly grew worse, as it always had. I tried to help myself, but with my limited understanding of Christian Science I felt that I did not know how, and the practitioner who was treating me was in a distant city. For a minute I felt tempted to use the remedy I had kept by me for years, then I said firmly, "I have given this up to God, and I know He is able to heal me. I will not touch medicine, even if I die before morning." In an instant, before I could realize that the pain had ceased, I fell asleep. When I awoke there was nothing to remind me that the dreadful suffering had been with me only a few hours before, and I felt that the disease which had threatened my life for so many years had been healed that night. The spinal trouble gradually wore away, as did other ills which had afflicted me from infancy. I have never taken a drop of medicine, or been sick in bed a day since I took my first treatment in Christian Science, and I do whatever I wish to do, for duty or pleasure, and often walk two miles in a day. We have had many beautiful demonstrations in our family and among our friends.

While my old religion was a comfort to me during all those years of suffering, yet I so often wondered why my prayers were not answered, and why God afflicted me so. I thank God for Christian Science, which assures us that we may be healed of all our diseases, as well as of all our fear and worry; and that we can joyfully say, "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."

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