The other day the Journal-Press noted that Dr. Bushnell...

St. Cloud (Minn.) Journal-Press

The other day the Journal-Press noted that Dr. Bushnell of Minneapolis referred to Mrs. Eddy and Science and Health in scathing terms. We intimated that a deluge of verbal brickbats would probably follow. We are in receipt of a letter from Henry Deutsch of the Christian Science Publication Committee of Minneapolis, in which he says that "Christian Scientists do not meet these so-called attacks by resistance or brickbats. Humanity at its best is but weak and frail, and there is good in all of us that comes out through the application of love; and as the religion of Christian Science is founded upon love, we endeavor in all associations with our fellow-men to ex-emplify that virtue. If we fail, at times, it is merely because we have not attained to its full understanding."

This is certainly refreshing. When one recalls the fierce—and occasionally bloody—controversies arising from church quarrels over creeds, it is certainly worth while to note that there is a more tolerant spirit abroad in the world. If the Christian Scientists live up to their professions in this respect they will certainly shame some of their so-called religious detractors. Certain it is that no religious organization has been more scathingly assailed than the Christian Scientists—and that may in part account for their rather remarkable growth and success. The great majority of people have a well developed sense of fair play, and their sympathies go out to those whom they believe are the subjects of constant abuse. Perhaps there never was a persecuted church that did not profit by it—a fact that our clerical brethren seem to forget.

December 14, 1907

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