"I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness." These words have always seemed to me prophetic; they pointed to some "far-off divine event," until I saw that the rest, peace, and satisfaction which Christian Scientists have as overtone and undertone in life's music, are what this verse prophesies. In coming into the understanding of Christian Science there is an awakening. We awake to the fact that man is spiritual, and as we reflect the qualities of the divine Mind we become conscious that we are now God's children, and that sin, sorrow, sickness, death, are errors of thought, false concepts, which vanish as we learn to know God aright. This awakening to the reality of our being, its harmony, it freedom, its "likeness" to the Father, satisfies. It also brings with it new responsibilities: that which we discern, we must make manifest; we must "bring the invisible into full play" by destroying every phase of error with our understanding of Truth. In doing this, we are working out our salvation from a false sense of life, substance, and intelligence. We are praying consistently, "Thy kingdom come." We know that divine Love is ever-present, and this truth, realized, held in consciousness, satisfies.

Pleasant View in Summer
July 15, 1905

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