Blessings and Responsibilities

Another Communion season in the branch churches of our denomination is over, and many have doubtless been inspired by its lessons to bring forth "more fruit," even as the Master required of all his followers. On these occasions new members are received into our churches, and when questioned concerning their motives in seeking admission to the fold, the larger number are wont to name a desire for greater understanding; for added blessings. While it is indeed praiseworthy to desire these blessings, it is well to remember that the greater blessedness is to be found in giving rather than in receiving. Those who attend our services are privileged to receive all that they are ready to appropriate without being asked to make any return. At our Reading Rooms our literature is free for the use of inquirers, and lectures are given at least once a year by each branch church, while all are privileged to attend the Sunday services and Wednesday meetings, at both of which many are healed of their mental and physical discords.

In becoming members of the church, however, a new sense is unfolded, the erstwhile recipient should become in his turn a giver of blessings to others; he assumes new reponsibilities, which tend to develop new capabilities for being and for doing good. It were, therefore, well for each, whether his membership be new or old, to ponder daily and deeply the solemn obligation embodied in the last of our Church tenets, always read on Communion Sundays, and found in our text-book (p. 497), that we may measure ourselves by this high demand. Too often the suggestion comes, to judge thoughtlessly a brother's conduct, and ask, as did Peter, "What shall this man do?" In such an event it is well to remember the Master's significant reply, "What is that to thee? follow thou me." If meekness, mercy, justice, and purity are to characterize all our lives, this cannot be attained without the watchfulness and prayer which we have solemnly covenanted to observe. We have voluntarily undertaken to follow Christ, Truth, and it rests with us to prove to the world that this, with all it implies, is possible to-day.

Letters to our Leader
July 15, 1905

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