My heart is full of praise to God for His wonderful...

My heart is full of praise to God for His wonderful goodness. I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing, but some six years ago I was led by the blessing of God to substitute as organist in Second Church of Scientist, New York City, for one month. There I soon saw that Christian Science is the truth, and just what I had been looking for; and in these six years it has been the only physician in our family,—my wife, three children, and myself. Although I never doubted the correctness of the wonderful testimonies which I heard, and others which I read in our periodicals, yet, not having any severe ailments to demonstrate over, I did not experience the wonderful healing power of Truth until the 25th of July last. I attempted to take a flash-light photograph, when the flash, which was a large one, went off unexpectedly in my face. We were in the country, fifty-five miles from New York, and two miles from the telephone. My eyebrows, eyelashes, and moustache were badly singed, and the skin burned off part of my face. I immediately went upstairs, trying to declare the truth, and knowing as I did the power of Christ, Truth, I was not frightened. My wife reached the village with considerable difficulty, and telephoned to New York, getting the help of a practitioner there, who immediately took my case. I did not seem to be conscious of any pain in my face after a few minutes, but my eyes were like balls of fire, and when I tried to pull up the upper lid, I could see nothing. This accident occurred about 5.30 P.M., and at 10.30 I was free from all sense of pain. I slept that night, except waking up now and then from the irritation caused by the burned eyelashes pressing against the swollen lids. The second day I was out in the yard, and could see a little. I never put anything on my face, so a thick covering formed all over it, which was in some places an eighth of an inch in thickness, and very tough. By the next Wednesday, it had nearly all come off; my eyes were wide open and my sight seemed better than before. In one week I was out rowing, and the following Sabbath evening I played in a church four miles away.

For all the help received in Christian Science I am most deeply and humbly grateful to our beloved and revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who has made it possible for us to gain the understanding, be it ever so slight, by which we can lay hold of the wonderful power of our Father-Mother God. I am very grateful for the Sentinel, Journal, and last but not least, for those wonderful Lesson-Sermons.

Testimony of Healing
My son was a sufferer from his seventh to his twelfth...
July 15, 1905

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