Mrs. Eddy's Remarkable Work and Position

Denver (Col.) Times

The recent interview given by Mary Baker Eddy, calls renewed, attention to a movement which history will record as one of the most phenomenal religious developments in the history of the world. Mrs. Eddy's personal teaching of Christian Science began about the close of the war. The first public and general organization did not begin until about 1880. In the quarter century since there has grown up one of the greatest religious organizations in the world, not only in numbers, but in wealth of church edifices and the intensity of its pervading influence.

More than any other work of the kind known to history, the Christian Science movement has been kept closely under the leadership and influence of one person. Mrs. Eddy, now eighty-four years old, has seen a multitude rise up and call her blessed as the great Teacher of the truth by which they live. Devoutly and without question her judgment is accepted upon all questions relative to organization, practice, and theory; her interpretation of Truth and of Scripture is, with the Bible, the only dependence both for public services and private study; her occasional messages, in poem, hymn, or exposition, are received with ardent affection and reverent response.

The Lectures
July 15, 1905

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