Some Experiences

An early experience in Christian Science, illustrating the scientific use of the word Soul, comes to thought with the study of the Lesson on this subject. A group of persons unenlightened by the truth which is revealed in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, were reading the Bible together. A young student of the textbook came among them, and, being invited to give her thought, she quietly said, "You use terms differently from what I have learned; Christian Science teaches that there is but one Soul."

St. Paul once wrote,—"I would rather speak five words with my understanding, ... than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue." These few words certainly had behind them an understanding beyond ordinary thinking, and they caught the attention of one, at least, who was present, thus proving the power of the message in Science and Health. By this ray of light, thrown upon the consciousness darkened by material beliefs, was shown the way of escape from false and discordant mental and physical conditions. This, also, was the turning-point which changed the life-motives of one who was present, and brought to Christian Science a student who never ceases to be grateful for that reflection of Truth. It so distinctly revealed the great distance between the definite, positive teachings of Science and the uncertain theories of men. Our Leader is the benefactor of mankind, in that she has herself demonstrated the permanence and power of Truth, and given to human thought a rod and staff which comfort—not a frail material prop which breaks when the least reliance is placed upon it.

Testimony of a Clergyman
July 15, 1905

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